Casascius Bitcoin Analyzer
by Uberbills
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On 2016-10-31, One Bitcoin was a whopping $700.89!



A list of Charts and Tables for Current, Monthly and Yearly stats

A list of Casascius Bitcoin Owners; Not meant to be 100% accurate.

A list of all Casascius Bitcoin Addresses with comments.

Opened List by Year
A list of Opened Casascius Bitcoin Addresses with opened value and todays value.

The CoinFIRM Casascius Guide
This eBook is a complete guide to all physical bitcoin products produced
by Mike Caldwell, aka Casascius. It categorizes every coin, providing images,
metrics, and other useful & interesting information. The ultimate collector's resource!

How to Redeem
Youtube Video by mila showing how to redeem your Casascius Bitcoin.

eBay Casascius Completed Sales
A List of completed Casascius Bitcoin sales on eBay. Note: Not all ebay listings displayed
are for Casascius coins, just listings with Casascius in the title.