Casascius Bitcoin Analyzer
by Uberbills
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On 2015-10-18, One Bitcoin was a whopping $268.01!



A list of Charts and Tables for Current, Monthly and Yearly stats

A list of Casascius Bitcoin Owners; Not meant to be 100% accurate.

Looking to buy a Casascius Coin? Check out the current list of coins for sale!
Looking to sell? Find your coins' page and click on the link at the bottom to add to the Classifieds list!

A list of all Casascius Bitcoin Addresses with comments.

The CoinFIRM Casascius Guide
This eBook is a complete guide to all physical bitcoin products produced
by Mike Caldwell, aka Casascius. It categorizes every coin, providing images,
metrics, and other useful & interesting information. The ultimate collector's resource!

How to Redeem
Youtube Video by mila showing how to redeem your Casascius Bitcoin.

eBay Casascius Completed Sales
A List of completed Casascius Bitcoin sales on eBay. Note: Not all ebay listings displayed
are for Casascius coins, just listings with Casascius in the title.